Echo in Ramadi

An Interview with bestselling Author Scott Huesing, USMC Major

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What a fun time I had doing my first-ever interview with a bestselling author! Scott Huesing is a USMC Major (Ret) who lead Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regimen while deployed to Iraq’s deadliest city, Ramadi, in 2006. His book recounting this deployment, Echo in Ramadi, is ranked as one of the “Top 10 Military Books of 2018.”

In this interview, Scott discusses how Echo in Ramadi is much more than just a chronicle of military strategy and battle logistics. The book is a story of human connection. It is about the relationships forged during battle but maintained throughout a lifetime. A story of heroic men and women and their families. A story about those who risked their lives in a different kind of war—one where the enemy is in plain clothes, hiding among the civilian population. A war without a clear cut victory.

Who was this book written for? For me, a civilian.

My brother, father and uncles did not serve in the military, so I had a limited understanding of the true sacrifices a military family makes prior to this book. Neither did I understand the relationships that are forged in times of such friction.

Listen in as Scott and I chat about the development of the book and the next adventures that await him.

You can find your own copy of Echo in Ramadi on Amazon, and it is available for download on Audible.

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