Waco Tactical Fitness Biathlon 2018

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Welcome to Episode 4 of LoneStar Loaded!  It’s been a long time coming, and quite honestly, it felt like October would never roll around!  I contacted co-founder of WTF, Dan Kaufman, in August when a Google search for “running and shooting biathlon Texas” pointed me to the WTF (Waco Tactical Fitness) website. I first became interested in the sport while watching the ski/shoot Biathlon in the winter Olympics.  Obviously, central Texas rarely sees snow, but I felt pretty confident that something similar had to exist for those wanting to compete in a more temperate climate.  After finding WTF on the web, I reached out.  Dan quickly returned my email and was gracious enough to spend time chatting with me by phone about his event as well as other Run and Gun style competitions around Texas and the nation.  He even invited me out to be a spectator at his sold out, fall event. And since the time of that conversation, I had been waiting with eager anticipation for this weekend to come!

Biathlon week started off with historic levels of flooding in central Texas and the rain continued into the latter part of the week when the RO’s were due to test the course. Well, as I found out, come rain or shine, hell or high water, the Biathlon goes on! I ran alongside Dan on RO test day and then we dried off and sat down to discuss the race, the organization, and the charities they support.  Be sure to check out the affiliate links below and thank you to my friend, Jonathan Tea, for the tunes. Enjoy!

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