LoneStar Loaded Inaugural Episode

Meet Cal and KC, a his-and-hers duo hosting this Austin-based firearms podcast. We will highlight firearms safety, training, gear, and local gun loving businesses.

In this episode, the two explain how they met and why she was initially angry after the first shooting lesson with KC’s 10 year old son.

This is for everyone from the new shooter to the seasoned gun-toting grandpa.

Watch the video and send an email (kc.lonestarloaded@gmail.com) if you can guess (specifically) where in TX the episode was recorded!

Thanks to @JessicaRockowitzphotography for the great pictures and Julie @ Austin Gun Club for the great scenery! View the full gallery on our Facebook page (Lonestar Loaded) or on our website (www.lonestarloaded.com)

Stay tuned for more!

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